We chatted all things motherhood and bump dressing with Auguste muse @Kelking while she dressed up our new arrivals.


Ezra Maxi Dress

What is your biggest challenge and top tip for dressing for your growing bump?

Challenge: not knowing what to expect, every pregnancy and every body is so different and will grow so differently, so just slow down and remember what works for some, might not work for you and that’s okay!

Tip: You don’t have to totally divert from your usual style. A lot of styles won’t necessarily be labelled as maternity but will absolutely cater for your growing bump. Just keep an open mind and try it on. When buying investment pieces, keep in mind how styles will work for you after pregnancy too. Also, embrace that bump and get it out whenever you can!


Portia Midi Dress

Could you tell us about your journey to motherhood, if you feel comfortable sharing?

We live a really full life, and although we were ready for our second, it wasn’t planned and it came at a time when good news was a really special thing for our families. So just grateful!


Ezra Maxi Dress

What are you most excited about for your second baby?

We are so excited to see Danny as a big brother, watch them grow up together and experience a whole new little person and personality.

Tyria Maxi Dress

Have you had any pregnancy cravings?

I’ve been quiet unwell this pregnancy, so almost daily, it’s been something different that I hope will make me feel better. It’s been a wild ride, filled mostly with bread, bacon and eggs and Powerade haha. The few consistencies!

Leila Midi Dress

What is your most loved Auguste The Label piece that you own?

THIS IS HARD! I’m lucky enough to own quite a few (wonderful) pieces, but pregnancy wise, I’ve adored the Mary and Lelia styles for comfort and the Tyria for elevated events.

Annamika Maxi Dress

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