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The word Kaya means home in Zulu, the most widely spoken native language in South Africa and the location of our latest collection. A word anchored in a unique sentiment, home is bountiful - it can be a memory, a feeling, a place, a person. It can be by the ocean, by the side of a loved one or bound by a sense of freedom.

Our latest collection is filled with the heritage pieces that are intrinsically Auguste. Kayaemploys a soft, tonal palette and vintage-inspired silhouettes. Muted pinks and subtle greens conjure a brooding coastline, while floral motifs transport you home.

Model - Andrea Wittenberg
Photographer - Aubrey Ndiweni
Assistant - William Sheepskin
Stylist - Alexa Georga
Hair + Make-up - Makaira Dullabh

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