There’s a nostalgic sense of freedom that comes with travelling on the road – taking your time as it stretches and bends past the changing landscape just beyond the windscreen. No stranger to life on four wheels, Christina Macpherson is known for her dreamy travels, more often than not into the wild than through a metropolis. We escaped to New Zealand’s South Island with the model, creative content producer and all-round dreamboat. Take a tour of her tracks and read our interview below.


Tell us, where did you go?

We flew into Queenstown and rented a campervan straight away. We took a slightly abnormal route because we had a few people we wanted to meet so we went Glenorchy, Paradise, Omarama Tekapo, Mt Cook, and then stopped in a few offbeat places on the way to fly out from Christchurch.

Favourite memory of your travels?

The routine of everyday – rise with the sun in a brand new stunning place, jump in the chilly water (we always stayed by water), make a morning coffee and plan our next move. Then drive, work, talk, joke, and work again. Finish the day with a new home for the night, and sit on our fold out chairs drinking wine and playing cards. From this trip, we've decided to buy a van next year and live on the road for a bit!

What is it you love about being on the road?

I love constantly experiencing new things, places, and meeting different people. I really feel like makes me more resilient, intelligent, understanding, and appreciative. I feel really grateful to be in a position to live the way I do.

Best piece of advice to anyone visiting NZ?

Rough it! Staying in beautiful accomodation is great, but I personally love camping or camper-vanning. There's a different sort of freedom that comes with it. Also, don't just go where you think the most photo-worthy places are. We diverted the normal course to travel to a lot of unknowns, and it was all just as beautiful.

Name three travel essentials.

Water, playing cards, and a healthy sense of humour. Also a stunning Auguste dress doesn't go astray when you're wanting to feel like a million bucks ;-)

And lastly, where to next?

My partner Tom is from New Zealand, so we are in the North Island of NZ now waiting to get married here in a month! Then we fly straight to The States for a few shoots and Coachella.

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