No stranger to a quick getaway, Emily Yates (fondly known as @emelinaah) is well and truly versed in the task of locating dreamy destinations – and Western Australia’s Rottnest Island is yet another top find. Classic, yes, but magical all the same, this holiday spot is a must for any beach lover making a journey on the west coast and keen for a selfie with a quokka.

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Emily Yates

Tell us about Rottnest Island – how long has it been on your list?

Well, Will and I actually grew up in Western Australia so we have been going there since we were little kids! And it’s always been one of our favourite places on earth. Even more so because it’s filled with so many memories.

Emily Yates

Emily Yates

Any tips you’re willing to share?

Definitely book early – and avoid school holidays and weekends. Oh, and it really is a summer place! Perth winters really are dreary, so unfortunately you do have to stick within the peak season!

 Emily Yates

emily yates

What was the highlight of your time on the island?

Am I allowed to say the entire time? There are no cars, and only tiny beach chalets so you really have to switch off. You just spend your days cycling from beach to beach, each one as beautiful as the next.


Emily Yates

We’ve heard you call yourself a homebody at heart before, yet your squillions of travel photos seem to say otherwise. Does distance make the home feel sweeter?

Home is really wherever Will is. And we have made so many “homes” around the world now, that we never really feel far from our friends and family. That’s what I mean by homebody. I would rather stay home with friends and drink a bottle of red and cook an amazing meal, than go out to bars and restaurants – wherever that is around the world.

Emily yates

And lastly, what’s one item you can’t travel without?

My camera!! Hahaha, but really! The art of photography and creativity is a real passion for me. I love capturing light and colour and shadow. And I love to have those tangible memories.

Emily Yates

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