Close friend, German native and courageous creative Cisco Tschurtschenthaler keeps a full yet enviable schedule. The new mother spends her time caring for her young son six-month-old (similarly named) Cisco, co-owning The Slow hotel in Bali, and running her newest venture Cisco & The Sun Home – not to mention a little modelling here and there.

We recently stole some of her precious time to shoot our latest Mini & Me range in sunny Bali, Indonesia. Get to know Cisco and take a peek into her routine below.

Tell us about becoming a mother. Have you always imagined a future with children?

I think the day I met George (some 11 years ago) he already wanted to have kids. I was still a baby myself – 20-years-old to be exact – so I needed some time to tick a few boxes and live a little before having babies of my own. I am from a big family and have three older sisters, who I loved growing up with, so having children was always something we were looking forward to. Now that little Cisco has joined us, it’s the biggest gift so far.


What’s the greatest lesson your little one Cisco has taught you?


Cisco & The Sun

You and your partner have spent time all over the world. How important is travel to you as a family?

Travelling used to be a huge part of our lives as our work required us to constantly move around the globe. These days we have settled down a lot more and don't travel as much, which I really enjoy to be honest. We now mainly travel for fun. We love to explore other cultures, check out cool boutique hotels around the world and try all sorts of new foods.

I have a family tradition with my dad and my sister. We go on expeditions. We hiked through the Himalayas for three weeks, explored Myanmar with a car, and recently did a three week safari by ourselves in Africa.We love to get lost in somewhat untouched lands and also have a big thing for collecting antiques on our travels. Next up will be a trip through New Zealand in November – this time with little Cisco joining us.

cisco and the sun

How do you spend a typical Sunday together?

Little Cisco is still an early riser so we play in bed until the sun is up and then the whole family, including our two dogs, makes our way to the beach. This is our daily ritual. On Sundays we don't work and always try to get into the ocean. We love to go to Nusa Dua to get some white sand and turquoise water (away from the crowds). We love to eat fish tacos and look at the amazing swell and go for long swims. We are lucky because we have many friends with kids the same age as Cisco so there’s usually a bunch of us.

You’ve recently launched your pottery label, Cisco & The Sun Home. When did you start dreaming of your own brand and what should we know about it?

When we were opening The Slow in Canggu (our boutique island stay) I could not find any tableware that was suitable for our design, our food and the restaurant experience. So I created my own, working closely with our chef and local artisans who were taught the art of ceramics in Sapporo, Japan.

Once The Slow was up and running, we got so many requests to purchase the tableware that one thing led to another and Ciscoandthsun.home was born. All our ceramics are handmade on the wheel using natural clays and non-toxic glazes, ensuring each is environmentally friendly, oven and dishwasher safe. We believe in sustainability and as such there is no such thing as rejects. Anything that is not perfect gets sold as part of our seconds collection and all profits of these go to a local organisation that helps disabled Indonesian children.

After many years of modelling it feels very good to have my own little business, to be creative and work with creatives.

cisco and the sun

How has motherhood driven you both professionally and creatively?

I have come to understand that my time is very valuable, so I am very focused when I'm working so that I can be 100% present with little Cisco in my time off. Time management is the new magic word!

cisco and the sun

And finally, what kind of future do you wish to shape for (little) Cisco?

I want Cisco to grow up with no limitations at all, endless love that makes him feel safe and a strong family network to surround and support him. I want him to have the childhood I had, with lots of nature, clean lakes and oceans, and a lust for travelling and exploring.

cisco and the sun
Cisco wears the Nico Shirt from our Bonnie Collection.
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