The ultimate beach babe, an ocean lover and the kind of woman that would rather spend her holidays on a tropical island rather than city side, she throws on her Auguste mini and spends the weekends hanging out with her boys - meet Australian TV Icon & the perfect Pacific Girl muse, Pia Miller.


What was it like shooting in a location as gorgeous as the Great Barrier Reef? 

It was so beautiful. I have spent a bit of time up North and I’d been to Fitzroy Island (where we shot) before for work but it just gets more and more breathtaking each time. My favourite part was whilst we were shooting, every half an hour or so you would see one of the many turtles that live on the GBR stick it’s head up out of the water and continue swimming. They are so close. Sometimes you forget you are actually still in Australia. We take the beauty of this country for granted sometimes.

What does the AMCS and the Protect Our Reef initiative mean to you? 

The ocean is such a huge part of my life - it is where I feel the most centred and relaxed. I have been lucky enough to visit our Great Barrier Reef many times, it is such a treasure and something that we desperately need to look after if not for us, for our children, and their children. AMCS is Australia’s only national charity dedicated exclusively to protecting ocean wildlife and their homes. I’m so thrilled to work along side Auguste to help raise valuable funds and attention to the amazing work AMCS is doing and hope that this campaign starts a conversation and a positive change so that we can Protect Our Reef.


We loved having you as a part of our Pacific Girl Campaign. What is your favourite piece from the collection? 

I’ve known Ebony and worn Auguste for SO long - it’s so hard to choose a favourite because I truly love them all. From the Pacific Girl Collection though, my favourite piece would have to be Dahlia Cascade Wrap Mini Dress in Ink. It’s perfect for summer – you can dress it up for a weekend lunch or throw it over a pair of swimmers for an arvo dip down at the beach.


And how would you style it for your next getaway…

My next getaway is somewhere warm and tropical, we are heading overseas for Christmas so it will definitely be paired with some Birkenstocks and a hat for a casual beach day..

You travel quite often for work commitments. What keeps you grounded while on the road?

Staying in touch with my family, particularly my boys definitely keeps me grounded. I’m always in mum mode - it’s definitely my most important role in life. I also love listening to audio books to tune out and inspire & guided meditations to tune in and ground. If I’m feeling like I need it – I’ll do a quick yoga sequence to stretch and connect back once I’ve arrived to wherever I’m going.


And your favourite travel destination…

Any kind of tropical beach destination is my favourite. I’m all about the warm breeze, sun and salt water!


Talk us through what a perfect summer weekend looks like for you and your boys…

Waking up on a Saturday, breaky all together on the back deck with a coffee in hand. Off to weekend sport (or if that season is over) straight down to the beach with a solid set up for the day. Lots of swimming, surfing and kicking the footy. Then we’ll head home and have a mid-afternoon chill out or siesta and then start prepping for a BBQ and cook up either with the family, friends or some neighbours. In Chile, cooking is a love language so I definitely ensure any guests or family we have over do not leave hungry. Summer BBQ’s are a favourite, particularly with good company, food, wine, music & perfect summer vibes.


Thoughts on making another sea change to join us here in Byron?

I would move to Byron any day. But it wouldn’t be a beach shack for us, it would be a farm! Best of both worlds – farm life with the beach close by = perfect!!

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