Our Vision

The fact that you’ve found your way here shows that you care – even just a little – about where your money goes. And so you should. In a world where consumers are faced with so much choice, it’s important to put your dollars into businesses that do their best to create a better world. Money is an exchange of energy and putting your energy in the right places can create a revolution.

At Auguste, it’s not just about the clothes and it never has been. We’re trying to create a positive change through our brand for those who want to live an authentic life, and raise as much awareness as we can in the process. We’re constantly taking steps to improve our environmental and ethical processes, so Auguste can be as sustainable as possible. From our fabrics and factories to our packaging and the charities we support, it’s an enormous operation – but we’re proud to share our journey with you.

“It has been apparent to me for a long time that if you are using the world’s resources, you should be doing something to replenish them. In the beginning, I was driven by wanting to succeed as a young woman in the business world, but now I’m definitely more driven by being a good role model to my two children and leaving the world a better place for them.”

– Ebony Eagles, Founder and Creative Director of Auguste