Killer ‘bangs’ and a dreamy disposition, meet our muse and the face of the Paper Daisy campaign, Annabella Barber. We absolutely loved getting to know this down to earth Kiwi on the set of our latest campaign. We know you will love her too, so we sat down with this beauty to find out a little more about who she is and how she got here. Originally from New Zealand, Anabella relocated to Australia at the young age of 17 in search of her next adventure. She was quickly snapped up by a local modelling agency, which kick-started an incredible international career. Deep down she is still a humble, nature baby who spends time reconnecting with her home and loved ones, in between shoots. 




You’re originally from New Zealand, what was it like to grow up there? How has it shaped who you are? 

I’m super grateful to have grown up in such a beautiful country like New Zealand!

We have access to some of the most tranquil landscapes- I was always a nature baby, loved running around naked at the beach, hikes, road trips, ocean dips in winter, talking to the animals. I believe growing up amongst nature has grounded me and I continue to explore that now as an adult! 





How old were you when you relocated to Sydney to model? How did you find leaving your family and support network so young?

I was 17 when I left New Zealand and already a very independent child/teenager. I was working a couple of jobs while finishing school and very motivated to explore the world after saving enough money. 

Moving to Sydney was the first step, like everything else, nothing happens overnight! I worked in retail and interned for Dolly magazine before ever being discovered as a model and I'm very grateful for the people and guidance in the industry. 

I was brought up to be quite independent and hard-working, so thankfully it never felt like my support network was lost.




You have had a very successful modelling career, kick-started at a young age. What has been the highlight so far? 

I find it so hard to pinpoint highlights in my career, I believe that every job is an amazing opportunity.





Now living back in New Zealand, what was it like to work with Auguste in Australia again - And in such a beautiful location? 

I’m so grateful to be welcomed back to work with the team at Auguste-

After last year a lot has changed, so this was an amazing opportunity to be able to travel safely between the Tasman and reconnect with another beautiful country that I called home for most of my young adult life. I always love shooting on location and the South Australian landscape did not disappoint! 





Outside of modelling, how do you like to spend your time? 

I love modelling and am so grateful to have the ability to work with amazing like-minded people, creating exciting projects! In saying that I also love to reconnect with nature and loved ones - offline! 

This inspires me most!




What are some of the things that you are most passionate about? 

I have always been passionate about creativity as a whole, modelling has given me the ability to explore this in front of and behind the camera! 

I’m also passionate about sustainability and learning how to make more conscious decisions on a daily basis!






You’re a Pisces, right? Are you an astrological believer, are there any Pisces traits that you think, ‘oh yeah that’s me’? 

Yes, I'm a Pisces. I feel like you might know more about this than me but I do know that we are sensitive creative types, which I can relate to!




When did you first discover Auguste The Label, what drew you to the brand and what about their story really resonated with you? 

I discovered Auguste years ago, I love Augustes’ Ethics about sustainability and what we can do to give back! 





You looked amazing in the latest Paper Daisy campaign, everything fit so beautifully. What was the standout piece for you from the collection?

Thank you- It's truly a team effort creating a campaign like this! I loved all the colours and the 70s inspired shapes- the Audrey Joplin Shirt is great paired with your favourite denim jeans! 



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