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There’s a lot the earth needs from us right now: a healthier climate, protected species, greener solutions to modern living and some relief from all our endless squander (to name just a few). And while most seem like gargantuan tasks, one of the most significant ways to make a positive impact is also one of the simplest: plant a tree.


Each and every day around the world, trees are being burned, degraded and logged. In fact, every 1.2 seconds a forested area the size of a football field is destroyed. That’s 80,000 acres a day – far too many for us to ignore.

Founded with a focus on global reforestation, One Tree Planted is a non-profit organisation facilitating a greener type of growth. Since 2014 the environmental charity has planted millions of roots in regions all around the world with local partnerships to restore forests after fires and floods, build communities and protect habitats. Something we can really get behind.


At Auguste, we’re always looking for ways to reduce and offset our environmental footprint, while encouraging our customers to do the same. We’ve partnered with One Tree Planted to help make that happen and get some new roots in the ground. 

When you now check-out, you have the option of adding a tree to your cart by sending $1.50 to One Tree Planted – and we will match your donation. It may not seem life-changing at first, but one tree here and one tree there can make all the difference. Afterall, from little things big things grow. One Tree Planted



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