Meet the globetrotting writer, Olivia Lopez. Starting off as a fashion blogger, putting together outfits and photographing them on the streets of LA, Olivia has transformed this passion into a full-time business. With a large social media following, Olivia is now the author of a travel book, creator of a travel podcast and website, and the beautifully curated studio space Bon Weekender. With summer just around the corner, we are taking inspiration from this gorgeous traveller.

You are the author of a travel book, creator of a travel podcast and website, we bet you have been to some incredible places around the world. What has been your favourite place so far?

I love taking road trips through the Tuscan countryside, swimming in the calas in Mallorca and exploring the gastronomy in the Yucatan.


You created The Art Of Travel, a podcast that is dedicated to where we have gone and where we are going. What inspired you to create this podcast, where did the concept come from?

During peak isolation, I found myself feeling really lost. Travel has been a huge part of my personal and professional life. I've always been interested in hearing people’s stories about the trips they’ve taken and the personal or professional development that followed. The Art of Travel sprang from a need for audio armchair travel.

There is a saying that ‘you are who you surround yourself by’ and that it is scientifically proven that you become the average of the five people you spend most of your time with – this is fascinating. Tell us about the people who have inspired you, guided you and supported you throughout your career.

Recently, I participated in a media mentorship program. The program directors Val and Khadeejat have been a generous source of insight and guidance throughout. 
I am inspired by my friend Laura Rysman, a culture writer and bon vivant who lives and captures moments with great zest. She exemplifies the poetry of life. 
Monica Mendal, one of the hardest working and fastest-thinking creatives I know, has been a constant support throughout my career. She’s one of my favourite soundboards for creative ideas. 
Vanessa Hong — she is my soul sister of sorts and our worlds are meshed in more ways than one. 

At Auguste, we have created a space where women support women, which is something we are really proud of. We are big believers that there is something very powerful about the bond between women, the sisterhood that we can form with one another. Who is someone in your life, a sister that has helped you get through some tough times? Tell us a bit about your friendship.

My friend Vanessa Hong became a lifeline during the pandemic. 2020 was undoubtedly a hard year for everyone, but she was a support system, my rock and I couldn’t have done it without her.

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