Beautiful coastal towns have always been a source of inspiration for our designs, weaved into mood boards for as long as we can remember. Our latest collection HERMOSA came to life in Puerto Rico - the perfect setting. 

Come behind the scenes and get to know our team of creatives, Chris & Tatiana. 

Where the warmth of the sun kisses your skin and each step through the cobblestone streets has that familiar feeling, even if you've never walked them before. Transporting you to wherever you feel most warm, alive and beautiful - we introduce Hermosa. 


Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Tatiana grew up spending lots of time with her Grandparents eating and learning to cook local cuisines. Her love for the beach grew from her childhood with her Dad taking her to the beach at any chance they got! Tats' love for the Puerto Rican beaches, weather, food and people inspire her daily. 

Tatiana enjoys working out with friends, boxing, film photography and sunny beach days.

Do you draw inspiration from anyone with your style?
Some of my favourites are Monica Bellucci, Jane Birkin and Salma Hayek. I also like to look at photographs of my Mom and Grandma when they were young!

What is a must have wardrobe staple for any woman?
A silky dress, a nice blazer and kitten heels. My style in three words is romantic, casual & feminine.

Do you have any local tips for Puerto Rico?
The best place to swim in Puerto Rico is Playa Buyé in Cabo Rojo. For restaurants, Casita de Miramar for Puerto Rican dishes, BOCCA Osteria Romana for Italian and Fidela for pizza.

What do you love most about Auguste the Label?
Auguste feels like family to me, I have been working with them for some time and they’re just so sweet and caring. Also I feel special when I wear an Auguste piece, their designs and prints are so unique and go along so well with my personal style!


Originally from Long Beach, New York, Chris has been living in Puerto Rico for 8 years now. Chris got the photography bug when he was in college and started traveling with friends for surf trips. Along the way, the people he met and saw became interesting subjects for him, and his passion for documenting grew.

What is your favourite thing about photography?
Tough question to answer. My favourite thing is gifting people photographs of themselves or loved ones. Photographs are priceless gifts.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?
There are a couple photographers whose work continuously inspires me and I get a lot motivation from them. Instagram although can be the worst thing for our health if not used in moderation, can also be a great source of inspiration and community. The island provides a beautiful canvas though, and I find a lot of creativity in every day scenes. Things that pass by everyday and capturing them in a unique and or beautiful way.

What is one life lesson you’ve learnt so far?
Live present and balance is key.

Tell us about your restaurant in Puerto Rico.
The name of it is Casa Isleña and is located in Rincón, Puerto Rico.  It is a small, beachfront boutique hotel and restaurant.  We have a full service restaurant including a variety of local and twists on brunch and dinner items.  A lot of fresh fish, seafood and meat for dinner menu. 

You can find them on socials @casaislenaricon or our website 

Muse Tatiana Gabrielle

Photography Chris Hamlet

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